Friday, May 23, 2014


We've all read our share of ugly cry books, quite a few of mine have been in the last few weeks including Out of Reach.  But the difference between this ugly cry and all the others is that deep down I'd been through the journey that Emily Andy and Seth are on, maybe not up close and personal, but from a distance this last time round. 

19 months ago I lost my father to liver cancer and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to face. Not because I had to stand there and watch him deteriorate day by day, rather the fact that I was so far away and unable to help or say my final goodbyes. Tell him that I loved him and that he was an awesome dad, so reading this book really touched every raw nerve that I've had since he died, but it also helped me remember all the good things about him, so thank you for that Missy Johnson!!!

The story centers around Seth, Emily and Andy - best friends since 8th grade. Emily and Andy are a couple and Seth has been in love with Emily for a long time. (Before you
Andy is facing his death in the face and refuses to spend the final weeks of his life confined to a hospital bed. So with the help of Seth and Emily he books a house by the beach and is armed with a bucket list, filled with things he'd like to do before he dies.  Unable to do them, he lives largely through Emily and Seth.  

But he has a few ulterior motives to, hoping that fulfilling them will bring some peace to Emily and Seth once he's gone and allow them both to move on.  Although Andy has accepted that he's going to die, leaving Emily behind is hard for him.

Both Seth and Emily are also struggling.  Coming to terms with Andy's impending death.
For Seth its the fact that he's in love with his best friends girl, a secret Andy has discovered.


For Emily its losing Andy and not wanting to move on with her life once he's gone, and definitely not with Seth.

This book is beautiful from start to finish.  Yes it deals with the horror that is Cancer and death, but its more then that.  Its about the strength of friendship and the bonds of love.  Being unselfish even when you're facing death.  Leaving behind stepping stones to help those left behind.

It may be an emotional read, you'll definitely need a box of tissues nearby, but it certainly puts life into perspective for you.  It makes you appreciate life and those besides you.  The one thing I did take from the book, is that your loved one will always be with you, through all the memories they've left with you, they'll always be in your heart regardless of where you are!!!

Another amazing book from Missy Johnson, just like you know they'll be. Looking forward to the next one already.

***** out of 5 gut-wrenching ugly-cry stars, but knowing there was a happy ending of sorts made it all that much better!!!

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