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Rescue Breathing 
(The Breathe Series - Book One)

Zoe Norman

Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 
June 11, 2014


Book Description

When Manhattan Psychologist Olivia Burke receives

an invitation to present her research on trauma in servicemen in Seattle, she is

determined to turn the business trip into the start of healing her own traumatized


FDNY Firefighter Owen Maxwell is an unapologetic

playboy who spends his days saving lives and his nights breaking hearts. He

puts his life on the line every day and is skeptical about doing the same with his

heart. But when he meets Olivia, the girl with the shattered spirit–sparks fly.
They share a hot weekend in Seattle and discover that they want to share so much more.

Both Olivia and Owen are in need of help mending
their hearts. What remains to be seen is if they can do that for each other, or if they
are so damaged they go up in smoke.

Rescue Breathing is the journey of two lost souls,
trying to breathe new life into each other without losing themselves along the

Book Excerpt

Light is hurting my eyes, and I give a groan. One

eye struggles to open, and I get a full face of sunlight coming through the enormous

window I obviously forgot to shut prior to passing out last night. Clearly that was

because I was exhausted after Owen and I made love for most of the night.

Mmmmm...last night. I look over to the space beside

me and note that I’m alone in my bed. Owen left last night, leaving me to sleep by

myself and ruminate about what has been going on in the last few days. I feel a bit

overwhelmed by all that’s happened, and I suddenly feel an urge to think it through,

start to make some sense of it all.

Realistically, this can’t happen can it? I mean, yes

we come from the same city, but what are the chances that he’s really going to reach

out to me when we get home? And I sure as hell won’t be reaching out to him. Aside

from not wanting to look like an idiot if he rejects me, my recent history does not set

me up to be the one to make the first move. I’m lucky if I make any move at all.</ span>

And just as I start to feel hopeless about Owen, I

remember moments like last night, or in Starbucks, and the connection we clearly

have. Yes, we have had a lot of sex. But is that just because we’re out of our element

and we’re just doing what’s accessible? I mean, it’s not like we can learn about our

regular lives when we’re not home. Maybe it’s opening a door to our being able to

learn more about each other moving forward.

But didn’t he say he wasn’t looking for a

relationship? Yeah he did. Of course, that was before all that’s happened this

weekend, before last night. And last night... Just…wow. We didn’t just fuck last

night. That’s not what that was. We made love. We connected. And I swear

that’s not just me being a silly girl. In fact, there were moments where he seemed

downright uncomfortable, like he was feeling things he wasn’t accustomed to or

didn’t want to.

Why does all of this have to be so complicated?

Why can’t it be like in the movies? Boy meets girl, boy seduces girl, they have sex,

they get married, they have a kid, roll credits. I pull the covers over my head and

groan. This is going to be a problem. And I don’t know what to do about it. I’m

leaving tomorrow. Then what? I

don’t want to get hurt. I’m really terrified of that. The bottom line is that if I let this

guy into my life, then I risk letting him into my heart. And if I let him into my heart, I

risk getting hurt. Simple.

But as Charley says, I can’t spend the rest of my

life wanting but not trying, hurting and not living. I think it might be time for me

to take some chances, and who’s to say that taking chances has to end in my being

hurt? I can take some calculated risks, right? Be careful where I step, make my

intentions known, let him know about my fears, and keep an open mind. Christ, my

fears… Wait until he hears that story.

About the Authors

Zoe Norman is the brainchild of Stephanie Krulewitz

and Heidi Haveman, two women with one very important thing in common—their

love of good erotic romance novels. After a year of writing fanfiction and developing

a swoon-worthy friendship from across the country, the decision was made to write

their own novel.

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