Sunday, May 04, 2014



Olive has secrets—horrible ones. She’s run

from a man that has scarred her in mind, body, and spirit. Safe in the comforts of

newfound friends, Olive attempts to live a normal life—free of her past. Things are

going great until she meets Brayden Greene and forbidden sparks fly. Bray threatens

the safe world she’s come to know.

Bray’s lived with the punishment of his past for six long months. He’s ready

to move on with his life. Upon meeting the gorgeous Olive Redding, Bray will stop

at nothing to have her. Problem is—Olive is untouchable and the worst possible

woman he could go after.

One night, lines are crossed and the two start

down a path that others will and do hate. Can this rocky relationship survive despite

the disproval of all those around them or will it just add another wound in their

already scarred pasts?

Author Bio:

K Webster lives in the great state of Oklahoma with her husband of 11 years and

their two children.  When not reading or writing, she enjoys interacting with

people no matter the form—but especially via social media.  Books have

always been a passion of hers and being able to take on the role as the creator

of those books is a dream come true.  What started as a hobby for her has

turned into a livelihood.  K Webster enjoys long walks on the beach and

stargazing.  Just kidding, she hardly ever leaves her precious computer

and she’s allergic to grass.  You can always find K Webster on Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  She loves interacting so go say hi!


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