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The wait and anticipation for this book was worth every minute!!! This book was awesome from start to finish and ticks every box.



Twists and Turns.



Steamy H.O.T 'have to fan myself' Sex scenes

2 new delicious characters 

 and off course


Maybe even a H.E.A for Aidan and Eevie. But my lips are sealed on that score.  You'll have to pick up a copy and find out for yourself just to be sure!!! 

Spike picks up where Spark ended, so If you havent read it yet I highly recommend you do before reading any further!!!

Aidan and Eevie are going strong as ever!!
Eevie is back at university studying hard to finish her degree while juggling work. 
 Aidan is working and training hard for the Motocross Championship having finally secured a team and sponsors.  In fact he's making quite a name for himself.
Aidan and Eevie finally move in together :D

Things are running smoothly for the two lovebirds till Aidan's father comes out of the woodwork, Aidan's past colliding with his present and using Eevie as the target.

Then boy does it heat up a notch.  Brace yourself for Drama. Blackmail. Lies. Photo's and a tape! 
Also be prepared to want to kick Aidan's ass at some stage!! Yes you read ladies Aidan has a douche bag moment!!!

Enter a new character.
 Detective Ryan Clark. #DetectiveRyanClark
Cass's brother.
He sounds dreamy and all but he's no Aidan Stone!!!!
He thinks he can save the day and win Eevie over. What is he thinking lol. He couldn't have been more wrong. Eevie is devoted 110% to Aidan!!

Jennifer Ryder has done it again. 
Made me fall in love with Aidan Stone all over again. In this book we're shown just how human he really is.  He makes mistakes and does his utmost to fix them. 
Actions speak louder then words!!!!  and his certainly did.

Eevie has shown us exactly why she's the perfect woman for Aidan.  She showed (even if she did withhold the truth in the beginning from her man, with a very valid reason) that she was willing to do anything for him, even if it meant paying off blackmailers to keep him safe and protect his reputation from scandal.

The two new characters, Ryan and Jones were funny from the get go.  Both arrogant, cocky and full of themselves. Thinking that every femail is immune to their charms. I'm surprised they could walk through the door with the size of their ego's!!! LOL
I'm looking forward to reading their stories. It's going to take someone very special to tame them and downsize their ego's that's for sure!!!

So go an get your hands on this awesome book and series if you haven't read Spark yet!! You wont be disappointed, I promise

5 out 0f 5 absolutely in love with this book hearts

Thanx Jennifer for an amazing book, counting down the time till the next one with hopefully some more Eevie and Aidan and all these awesome characters!!!

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