Monday, May 19, 2014


Captivating Bridge

Michelle Mankin

May 22, 2014


Warren “War” Jinkins is that guy.

The bad one.

Tempest’s ex front man, an arrogant rock god.

The only thing larger than his ego is his capacity for self-destruction.

His bad attitude has cost him. His woman. His best friend. His band.


Shaina Bentley is that girl.

The good one.

Hollywood’s pink candy-coated sweetheart.

The star of Pinky Swear, television’s top rated teen show.

She’s been practically perfect since that horrible day. But she’s starting to

crack under the strain of being everything to everyone.

He’s a one man island. She’s a fragile captive soul.

Is love a current too dangerous to cross or will it be the bridge that brings

them together?

*Author note: Each book in the Tempest series features a different band member and can stand alone.*

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About the Author

Michelle Mankin is the author of the Black Cat Records series of novels.

Romance with subtext.

Reimagining classic stories with sexy rock stars and thought provoking issues.

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For many years she worked in the insurance industry as an underwriter.

Somehow, the boredom didn't kill her but the hour and hours of looking at

facts and figures provided ample time for her mind to wander.

Black Cat Records in Vancouver provides the central backdrop for all of

Michelle’s current novels. Love Evolution, Love Revolution, and Love

Resolution are a Brutal Strength centered trilogy, combining the plot

underpinnings of Shakespeare with the drama, excitement, and indisputable

sexiness of the rock 'n roll industry.

Things take a bit of an edgier, once upon a time turn with the Tempest series.

These pierced, tatted, and troubled Seattle rockers are young and on the

cusp of making it big, but with serious obstacles to overcome that may

prevent them from ever getting there.

When Michelle is not prowling the streets of her Texas town listening to her

rock music much too loud, she is putting her daydreams down on paper or

traveling the world with her family and friends, sometimes for real, and

sometimes just for pretend as she takes the children to school and back.

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