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Another one of my absolute favourite MC authors and an Australian one to.  What I love about this series is that is serious but funny at the same time to.  The book leaves your with stitches from laughing so hard, while requires some tissues for those serious moments.  If you havent read the series, let me introduce you to it.

Book 1

Zara Edgingway is a twenty-six year old secretary. She has a daughter that apparently knows it all and a best friend that could possibly have the mouth of Satan, but she's been with her through hell and back. Then there's the hunk'a'licious biker neighbor finally showing interest in her. If only she wasn't about to face her next obstacle in life, the one she ran from six years ago; her ex-husband.

Talon Marcus is the president of the Hawks Motorcycle Club. For two years he's had his eye on the quiet, reclusive, yet sassy, neighbor Zara. Finally, he has the chance to claim her as his woman. Just when her past catches up with her, she'll need, not only his protection, but the help from his biker brothers.

Now, if only she'd stop fighting him along the way




For 18yrs and above

Deanna Drake has a past she longs to forget, but won't ever be able to. She's always been the tough one. No one, but her best friend Zara has ever been able to penetrate her cold, hard, shell.

Until Griz

Griz— a.k.a Grady Daniels, Hawks Motorcycle Club second in command, also has a past that he wishes he could undo...all except one part.

It's her past that brings them together. Only will it be forever?



Talon and Zara

Deanna and Griz

Lila Rose has moved about Australia a lot of her life. Now she lives in country Victoria Australia with her husband and two children. When she isn't writing she's helping her husband with the family business. Lila has always dabbled in writing, though, only recently her debut novel Holding Out was released on December 4th 2013.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more from the Hawks Motorcycle Club series, coming soon!

Lila also has her first YA novel Senseless Attraction out now.

So I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down with some of the characters in the Hawk MC Series and asking them a few questions. Talon, Griz and Blue were extremely intimidating, but then I'm extremely easy to intimidate lol. Was probably because I was in awe of actually having this opportunity!!

I did the interview in two sessions, as I thought it would go smoother then having a huge group around!! And you know how Talon and Zee get, we'd never get anywhere lol

So Round 1: Talon, Griz, Blue, and Matt

B&F: Talon, How is the Hawks MC different from others??

Talon: I've got it clean, I was sick of the shit it was dealing with when my uncle had it. Not only was it unsafe for my brothers, but our families too and yet we still have crap we have to deal with because we're a part of a MC. Still, I wouldn't have it any other fuckin' way.

B&F: Griz,  What's it like being Talon's right hand man?
Griz: Fine, I wouldn't want it any other way.

B&F: Talon, Your first thought when you first saw Zara?
Talon: Fuck, I want in her.

B&F:  Blue, you didnt respect Talon's decision when he claimed Zara, is everything good between you two now?
Blue: (laughs) Yeah course, once Talon knew I didn't stand a chance, but I had to give it a try, damn who wouldn't when it comes to Wildcat.

B&F: Talon, things have been hectic the past few months - kidnappings, weddings, babies. Would you have done anything differently?
Talon: Christ no. Well, except I wouldn't have let Zara outta my sight and then she wouldn't have gone through what she had...the outcome now though is fuckin' brilliant.

B&F: Griz, your thoughts on Deanna? Meeting, hooking up, her falling in love with your little girl?
Griz: First thought, why in the hell would she be interested in me. Next thought, damn she's hot. Now, glad I've claimed her and she is the way she is, someone for our girl to look up to.

B&F: Blue, First Talon, then Griz do you think you'll ever meet the one?
Blue: (shrugs) When the time comes I guess.

B&F: Matt, Are you glad you went looking for your sister?
Matt: Yes, I missed her a lot when she moved.

B&F: Talon, Griz, Blue - drama filled days or quite ones
(they all laugh) Talon: Both. Griz: Yeah, the woman bring us drama anyway. Blue: I agree, both.

Round 2: Zara, Deanna, Julian
Making it through the interviewing round with the boys, I thought some girl time would go down quite well and off course Julian counts are one of the girls.

B&F: Zara: Your first impression of Talon?
Zara: (smiles) Oh my God, I'd dies and gone to bad-boy heaven.

B&F: Deanna: The first thing that popped into your head when you first met Griz?
Deanna: Damn, I wouldn't mind riding that.

B&F: Zara: Whats being married to Talon like? and how are your twins
Zara: (giggles) Good, he keeps me satisfied in everyday (winks) Know what I mean? And out babies are gorgeous, tiring but wonderful and Talon believe it or not helps out a heap. It also helps that I have my family around me as well.

B&F: Deanna: Are you surprised that you and Griz finally got together?
Deanna: (pfft) No we eye fucked each other enough, it was bound to happen.

B&F: Julian: Any new gossip you can share with us?
Julian: (leans forward, looks left to right and whispers) I will to you one thing my little lamb chop, soon things will be going down. Deanna, me and Zara are going to butt our noses in where they don't belong. (leans back in the chair) But it'll all be for the better of course. Let's just hope no one gets shot at this time and the hot hunks of Hawks don't find out.

A huge thank you to Lila Rose for being apart of Biker/M.C Week and for allowing me a few minutes with her incredible cast of characters!!

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