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Griffin “Harley” Miles knows the cost of living in the spotlight.  As the lead guitarist for Liquid Regret, he becomes the obsession of women everywhere.  When one obsession goes too far, the only woman he’s ever loved pays the ultimate price.  After burying his wife, along with his future dreams, Harley turns to his old addiction to numb his pain.  A friend’s ex fiancé becomes an unlikely source of comfort and Harley loses himself in her toxic charms.  As the police scramble to solve the murder, the band pulls together to save one of their own.  When the truth comes out, it’s the ultimate betrayal.  
Adelaine Jones refuses to watch him give up.  Her take no prisoners attitude and fierce loyalty to Harley may be just what he needs to leave his past behind.  She is his shelter in the storm and when he needs her most, she’s there to lead him from the darkness.  

When life throws you a curve, never underestimate the power of those around you.  Revenge is coming, and it’s going to be sweet.

Liquid Courage is the second book in the Liquid Regret Series by MJ Carnal



MJ Carnal is a USA TODAY bestselling author who lives in South Carolina with her husband, gorgeous daughter and two loving and super furry dogs. Her true passion is written word. When she isn't writing, you can find her watching episodes of The Walking Dead with her hubby, having tea parties with her princess, Singing karaoke for anyone that will listen and reading just
about anything she can get her hands on. Her first book series, The Moretti Novels, are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Kobo and Scribd. 
She loves to hear from readers, fellow writers and book lovers. Find her online at www.facebook.com/mjcarnalauthor, by email at mjcarnalauthor@aol.com, or on Twitter @mjcarnalauthor.

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