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Wanted by Krista Holly
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With a mother that shipped her off to boarding school as fast as she could, feeling unwanted is nothing new to Lo. When she got a chance to convince her parents to let her move back home, she went from feeling unwanted to being wanted by every guy in school.

Chase has always looked forward to summer and seeing Lo. He's loved her devil-may-care

attitude from the start. But when she moves back to town for good she's changed and no 

longer the carefree girl she once was.

When jealousy gets the best of some people, you never know what's going to happen, 

especially when they want something you have.

Would you let someone take away everything you've ever wanted?

I walked over to the iPod dock and plugged my phone in. If I was going to get any sleep, I was going to need my music. I’d created a playlist that’d become my bedtime lullaby. I couldn’t fall asleep without it. It was like a security blanket that held me tight when I was all alone.

I switched it to Nero’s “Into the Past.” It was the first thing that popped into my head, and the lyrics were so dead on I shivered as soon as her voice came through the speakers and caressed my ears.

I couldn’t help but raise my arms above my head and sway to the soothing quality of her voice. I kicked off my boots and let them crash up against the wall. My hips swayed a little and the corners of my lips curled up. This is when I felt safe. Cocooned in my security blanket.

“Is the show for me?” I whipped around and nearly fell over from the sound of a husky, deep voice ripping my calm moment from me.

And there he stood.

In jeans.

No t-shirt.

His hair mussed up to perfection.

I trailed my eyes down his chest. He was fit and he looked delicious. It was almost hard to look at him without drool coming out of my mouth like a rabid dog. Get a fucking grip Lo. His toned biceps flexed above him on the doorframe while he leaned into his room. I looked further down and noticed the button of his jeans was undone. Hopefully, he just came from the bathroom, but the likelihood of that was slim to none. His abs were clenched and hard, defined and lickable. So damn lickable.

He had a smirk on his face when I looked back up and locked eyes with him. I must look like I was staring at a buffet after starving for months in the wilderness. I picked my jaw up off the floor and scowled at him. My eyes were slits and my eyebrows pinched together so hard I was positive he would back the fuck off.

But he didn’t. He walked into his room, as if he owned the place. Well I guess he did, but still. He leaned up against the back of his door and it slowly closed.

My breathing hitched and I had to shut my eyes just to regain some control over the way my body was betraying me. I sucked in my cheeks and took a second to regain my calm demeanor.

When I opened them he was standing not even a foot away from me, staring directly into my eyes—which I’m pretty sure were bulging out of my sockets. He licked his lips and spoke softly, “So… is the show for me?”


“No,” I said it with too much breath, which made me sound like a liar. Get it together.

“You sure? The look on your face right now is saying it is.” My breath caught in my throat and I wanted to scream and tell him to get out, but I didn’t.

“Screw you, Chase,” I spoke a lot stronger this time. My voice commanding. I should have said fuck you but for some reason my extra bite was hiding behind a steamy fa├žade of want for the guy in front of me.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Ugh… The look in his eyes was like a rope being thrown out to me. All I needed to do was grab on and reel myself in what I wanted.

“Really? You think I’d like to actually mess around with you? You probably just got done screwing some girl in your parent’s bed.” I was no longer breathy. I was stern and angry. The clipped tone would set him straight.

“I didn’t. I swear.” He looked honest, but I knew that was unlikely. Because really, why would he be in the state of undress that he is if he didn’t just get done doing unspeakable things—likely to a petite blonde with a bigger chest than Pamela Anderson. “Go check my parents room…” He egged me on. “You’ll only find a still perfect bed that hasn’t been touched. Do you honestly think I’d mess around in my parents bed when there’s a perfectly good bed right behind you?” He smirked and tipped his chin up to motion to the bed behind me and I cringed.
I used to sleep in that bed. Practically every weekend when our parents got wasted together.

I glanced over my shoulder and took in the sight of blankets in disarray and strewn about pillows. Wait.

“Gross. So you just got done fucking in this bed and you expect me to sleep there. No thanks.” I made quick work of putting on my boots and heading for the iPod dock.
But then I froze, and turned around slowly, because I’m an idiot and like to sabotage myself and for some reason I wanted to see how he looked at me again. He was standing there watching me like a hawk. His eyes were greedy and roaming. I wanted him to look at me like that all the time. But he only ever did when it was just him and I, which was rare these days.

“Do I Wanna Know?” by the Arctic Monkeys started playing through the speakers and it was a bit too poetic for my liking. It was almost like the universe was shoving it in my face that there were things about this guy I would never be a part of.

Like I said, poetic. The lyrics talked about wanting to know if the passion is there for the other person too. Do they really want me, too? Maybe I really am too busy thinking of him to move on to someone new? Dead. On.

I’m pretty sure he felt it too. We gazed in to each other’s eyes—fire behind his, ice behind mine. There was bound to be a storm in the coming moments. Our elements just didn’t coexist.

He advanced on me. I retreated until my back bumped up against his dresser and I was caught. There was nowhere to go. By the time I started to retreat to the left, he shot his arm out and leaned it onto the dresser. When I stepped to the right, he repeated the action. Great.


Author Bio:
Krista Holly is an avid reader and a Namast’ay in bed kind of girl. She started life in the City of Sin then traveled the country most of her life, going from coast to coast. A gypsy at heart with a passion for traveling and meeting new people. An ambivert, if you will. The only things she likes at Starbucks are Valencia Orange Refreshers and pumpkin bread and the occasional French Vanilla Cappuccino. She loves dogs and cuddling with her 85 pound white unicorn. When she’s not reading or writing or working she’s watching TV with her family or making fun of her brother’s love life.

Contact Krista

Twitter: @krista_holly

Facebook: Krista Holly – Author

Instagram: @authorkristaholly

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