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The English Officer’s Wife

Melody Stone 

Erotic Romance

Publication Date 

15th January 

Length (Pages/# Words) 

12000 words


Fever Press

Cover Artist 

Fever Press

The English Officers Wife - Book Cover


The life of an army wife can be lonely with the wives counting down the days until the husband’s return
home to their quarters. Annie has always been the perfect English Officer’s Wife, but loneliness and boredom begins to affect her both physically and emotionally. Someone comes into her life for a brief
moment and in an unexpected way reignite a passion that surprises and shocks her.

Content warning: Contains adults scenes, FF and MF.


“I just feel I need something, Rachel. Something away from this life and the army and I don’t know what.” Annie’s voice shook as she sat back down and looked searchingly into Rachel’s eyes. 

Rachel, in a rush as always, scooped her nail polish and mobile phone into her leather bag, stood up and kissed her friend on her head.

“Annie, is everything all right with you and Mike?” she asked, clearly concerned.

Annie was aware she had always appeared so happy and settled as an army wife. She had a reputation for being the one wife you could count on for support and guidance and the one who always had a cheery smile and a kind word. She didn’t doubt Rachel could sense that she was not herself but wasn’t sure how she could help.

“I just feel like I’m really being taken for granted, Rache,” Annie said, pulling her long blonde hair back into a scrunchie.  “I don’t know what’s wrong with me... or us. I’m just getting more and more fed up with Mike spending so many hours at the Mess now he’s back on camp. It’s like he feels more comfortable there and not at home.” Annie held back her tears and swallowed as she looked at her reflection in the window. It’s like he’s forgotten the us we used to be and the awful thing is I think I have too, she thought sadly.


Melody Stone was born in London but for most of her life has lived in the Country. A keen horsewoman,she raced thoroughbreds in her twenties, winning her first flat race in public. Melody enjoys writing not only erotic romance stories, but also poetry, blogs and magazine articles.


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