Thursday, April 10, 2014


 Andrew Jackson
“Jack” Kent’s on the hunt for white collar criminals, and as a private
investigator he always gets his man. Except in this case it’s a woman, the
brilliant cellular kineticist Dr. Morgan Mackenzie, whose next thrilling
discovery is—him.

On the run from her employers with the formula for a priceless but deadly diet drug, Morgan
agrees to a night of pleasure with the outrageously sexy stranger. But when she
leaves the next morning, Jack won’t let her get far, and that’s when she
realizes the horrible truth. Her cowboy on a white horse isn’t a hero after
all. He’s part of the posse.

Yet when Jack goes to turn Morgan in, he learns who the real criminals are, and suddenly, it’s a
race against time to find a murderer before they’re killed themselves. To do
that Jack needs to convince Morgan he’s on her side. Even though she doesn’t
trust him, Jack is a drug she can’t resist, leading her to find out that more
often than not you're Damned If You Don't fall in love. 

Morgan stopped in the middle of the staircase.  Don’t turn.  Don’t turn.

The picture of dimples and a smile to die for simply wouldn’t let her go.
Were they worth her principles?  Hadn’t she put him into enough danger as
it was already?  Her stomach knotted with the truth.  She wantedhim.  She wanted everything he was offering.   She had no rightto take it.   Because if one hint of her problems touched him, he
could end up an accessory.

Her hand gripped the railing.  One enchanted evening.  He doesn’teven know your real name.

One fairy tale night.  Even if they track you back to him, he could sayhe’d been duped.

Think.  Think.  Make sure.  Her grip tightened, knuckles turning white with the strain.  Trembling fingers of her other hand rubbed at her temple.  There are always consequences and this is his life, not only yours.

Eventually, the people who were after her would pick up her trail.  Theproprietor would remember her and probably be able to identify Morgan even though she’d changed her appearance.  No one would ever know she and Jack had any other contact than being guests at her establishment at the sametime.  And if they did, he could simply tell the truth—she’d lied to him.

The front door opened.  Morgan ran up the rest of the steps, slipping intoher room as quietly as possible. With her cheek pressed against the door, she could hear Jack climb the steps, his tread slow, deliberate, and she hoped disappointed. A picture came to her, his face full of indecision as he raisedhis hand to knock on her door.

Her heart broke as she imagined that same hand falling to his side.

The floor creaked in the hallway.  He’d turned.  Headed towards his room.  Without thought, Morgan cracked open her door.  Her jaw dropped as he stepped into the room next to hers.

Fate or design?

She didn’t care.  Her gaze shot to the right and spied an adjoining door.  Fate or design?  It didn’t matter. Not when the possibility loomed so large it blinded her with its promise.

Promethium tantalum.

Her heart began to pound.  She couldn’t catch her breath.  Her throat turned dry as dust as another reality slammed into her psyche.  God, it had been so long.  All sane thought flew from her mind.  Except one.  Mouthwash.  And a dab of cologne.
Don’t question.  Don’t look in the mirror.
Not even lipstick?


Hesitant steps brought her to the adjoining door.  As quietly as possible, Morgan unlocked and opened her side.  She stared at the wood from his side.  Now for the moment of truth. She pushed.  The door swung open.

Let multi-published author Linda J. Parisi take you through the darker, spicier side of Romance with her Paranormal, Paranormal Romantic Suspense, and Romantic Suspense tales. Winner of the New Jersey Romance Writer’s Golden Leaf Award for Best First Book for her novel, Noble
, and winner of the 4th Annual Stroke of Midnight Contest for her
novel, The Joining: Bound by Blood, Linda is a long-time member of the RWA and the current secretary of Liberty States Fiction Writers. Linda has seen the publishing industry turn upside down yet stay the same because everyone loves a well-written Romance. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, John,and a family which includes Audi, a Cocker Spaniel mix who had her at woof!

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