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Courtney Will always dreamed of finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after, like in the fairy tales she read as a child. Her dreams were shattered one fateful night when her prince turned out to be her worst nightmare. Burying herself in her job as an editor, Courtney tried to forget her past, and she lost hope of ever finding true love.

Reed Moore’s past filled his world with guilt and anger, and then a mistake in college deepened these feelings. Fearing he will one day repeat his father’s mistakes with the woman he loves, Reed has vowed to never give his heart to anyone.

Reed and Courtney have each spent years building walls to guard their hearts, so when their feelings for one another explode into something unexpected, they argue and throw hurtful words at each other in hopes of avoiding the truth.

Will Reed end up being the Prince Charming Courtney has dreamed of her entire life? Is Courtney the woman who will help Reed move past the guilt and anger, so he can embrace love?

 Can their broken dreams become their happily ever after?
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My cell phone rang, and I pulled it out of my back pocket.

Whitley. Oh God, I need to talk to her. “Whitley!” I shouted.

“Hey, Lollipop! How’s it going this morning?”

I tried so hard not to start crying, but the moment I heard her voice, I lost it. I walked

out onto the back porch and tried to calm down.

“Courtney, no! Oh, please, no. Layton and I thought it would do you and Reed some

good to spend time together. Oh, please don’t cry!”

I shook my head. She must think I’m upset about Reed. “No, Whit, it’s not that. Oh God,

Whitley…he’s been cheating on me!” I blurted out.

“What? Who?”

I quickly wiped my tears away. “Santa Claus. Who in the fuck do you think I’m talking



“Yes, Mitch, Whitley. He called me by accident last night, and I heard him talking to

that bitch he had been with all night at the wedding, his ex. Then, I heard…I heard…” I

couldn’t even get it out.

I could overhear Whitley telling Layton what was happening.

“Court, take a deep breath, sweetheart. What did you hear?”

“I heard him fucking her, Whitley! Oh my God, I sat there, like an idiot, and listened to

them having sex while she called out his name.”

I collapsed into the rocking chair and began crying. I was trying to be quiet, so Reed

wouldn’t hear me. I could hear Whitley talking to Layton, but I wasn’t paying attention.

“Oh God, Whitley, I knew he wasn’t the one. I knew it! I mean, we’ve barely even slept

together in the year we’ve been seeing each other. I knew he wasn’t the one. He just

proved it to me, and I sat there, like a fool, and listened.”

“Courtney, honey, I’m so sorry I’m not there,” Whitley said as she let out a sob.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, Whitley, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have told you before you left for

your honeymoon today. I wasn’t going to tell you, but I heard your voice, and—”



Who is Kelly Elliott?

Really I'm just a wife to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a nack for making me laugh almost daily and supports my crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves I'll just go with that one!

I'm also a mom to an amazing daughter who constantly is asking me to make her something to eat while she has her fingers moving like mad on her cell phone sending out what I'm sure is another very important text message!

Oh...and I like to sit down and write in my spare time!

I live in the Texas hill country and one of my favorite things to do is go for hikes around our property with my second favorite man, chocolate lab and my sweet girl Rose, our golden retriever. When I'm not outside helping the hubby haul brush or move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for me that day, you will find me inside reading, writing or watching HGTV and soaking in a nice hot bubble bath.....yeah that last one I just made up but it sure does sound nice!!!

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