Saturday, April 05, 2014


2003 was a wild year for Jasmine Ashcroft and Jonathan Fox. 

Betrayal. Tragedy. Breakups. Reunions. And way too many long-
haul flights. Now Jasmine and Jonathan just want to get away from it all for a
little while. What better place to celebrate their first Christmas together than
an out-of-the-way cabana in the Riviera Maya? No electricity, no phones, no
paparazzi. Just sea, sunshine, and--hopefully--lots of shagging.

But like the most tenacious of groupies, mayhem  follows the Strange Angels front man everywhere…even to paradise. If Kit and  his Wild One want their new found relationship to survive this vacation, they’re  going to need a lot of trust, strength, and patience. And tequila. Mucho tequila.

 This novella is for readers 18+ only due to drug references, mature language, and lots of steamy Rock star sex.


Elizabeth Corva worked in the music industry for 14 years before moving to the relatively sane and stable world of defense contracting. She has collected a road case full of stories that she uses as inspiration for her novels.

A Million Miles Away

 Give in to the Night 

The Angel Interceptor series was conceived
as the sun was setting on Hair Metal, born during the early days of fiction press,
and came of age in 2013 when the author finally worked up the nerve to try self-
publishing. All of Elizabeth's works are dedicated to the men who play Metal
and the women who love them, even though they should know better.


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