Tuesday, April 15, 2014


If i had to sum up this book in three letters or one word that statement would sum up the book from start to finish!!!
But I know Nina would expect a whole lot more, so here goes!!

Although I hate waiting for books, especially much anticipated ones like this one, it was worth waiting for!
I couldn't' put it down and managed to finish it in one sitting.  (I guess the housework could wait a few hours, although my husband would beg to differ!!!)
Nina Levine delivered yet another awesome book the Storm MC Series!!

The book picks up from where Storm finished so you'll have to read it before so that this book makes sense. Promise you wont regret it, you're going to absolutely love J!!!

Just when the Storm boys thought they were in the clear, more problems are brewing which makes for more drama in this book.

Scott Cole is Vice President of the Storm MC.  He's arrogant, tough and not somebody you want to cross.  He carries out his club duties with ruthless determination and he lives by one rule: protect his club and his family at all costs.

Harlow has moved to Brisbane to help her mother with her struggling cafe.  She's signed off on the male population and who can blame her when all of the men she's dated have let her down.  Her ex taking the cake when she found him in bed with her BBF.

Scott and Harlow meet at the vet and the start of a fiery, chemistry ridden relationship begins.

Scott thinks she's beautiful but totally ungrateful when he defends her.

Harlow thinks he's hot but just another arrogant male who think he can do as he pleases and bugger the consequences.

She's guilty of judging a book by its cover and quickly learns that actions speak louder then words!!!

Underneath the dirty mouthed-tattooed-tough guy exterior is a caring, compassionate man who's a total sweetheart!
I mean which tough guy do you know that would pay a huge vet bill to take care of a cat that doesn't belong to him, but really means the world to a little girl who's not even his?

Harlow is a country girl who knows nothing about the biker life. She's caring and compassionate but she's also fiercely independent and certainly no push over. She's intelligent enough to know Scott wont hurt her and that he'd do everything in his power to protect her and those connected to her.

She's a breath of fresh air in the Storm compound and her Red Velvet Cake proves that they way to a man's heart is through his stomach :D

I'm biased, I know but I figured J (Jackson) from Book 1 couldn't be topped.  
Although he hasn't been topped from top spot in my books, Scott is slowly closing in on J just for being a tough guy coated sweetheart!!!

***** for awesomeness and for Scott knowing that when a twelve year old girl is crying and wont tell him what's wrong, she needs a woman to talk to!!!

Cant wait for Nash's story!!!! 

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