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I'm still trying to wrap my head around this book. All my brain can come up with right now is that I absolutely loved it and I found it difficult to put down, and when I had to I hated being away, had to know what was going to happen next!!!!

 You would've never guessed that this is the author's debut novel, the work is one of a seasoned writer for sure.  One thing I know is that I'll be buying and promoting future works by Silla Webb if her follow-up books are based on this one!

The books is based in the coal mines of Willamstown, Kentucky and centers around Carly Jo Simon, daughter of the coal mines owner John Simon and Colton Weston her long time love.

Seven years ago Colton shattered Carly's heart into tiny pieces.  When she needed her daddy most he turns his back on her leaving her without any support. So she does the only thing she can, she runs as far away from Williamstown as possible and starts a new life of sorts.

She reluctantly returns to Ketuncky when she learns that her father is dying hoping to make peace with him before he dies.  It was meant to be a quick trip but what she didnt expect was for her father to leave her his beloved coal mine and  make her CEO.

She has no choice now but to face the pains of the past and the biggest one is Colton Weston.

Colton wants nothing more than to have Carly Jo in his life but he has so many secrets he has to come clean on, secrets that could well tear them apart all over again. The biggest one that he has a daughter!!

But Carly has HUGE secrets of her own and she doesn't know if she's able to tell him all of them!!!

But the thing with secrets is that they always come back to bite you in the butt, no matter how big or small they are!!!

This book has it all!!!!
Its a smorgsboard of secret after secret, drama, tears, anger, sexual tension and just when you think you've reached the end of the emotional line it starts all over again.

It truly is an emotional feast. 
You'll shed plenty of tears so keep the tissues handy!!!

You'll want to hit someone over the head because they're being plain stupid and cant see what's in plain sight!!

You'll want to wrap your arms around a few of them and tell them everything is going to be okay!!

Carly Jo is an amazingly complex characters.  To understand her you have to understand/know her past.  The pains and hurts have moulded her into young woman who finds it so hard to trust especially men. They all seem to let her down!!

She's hard as nails when she needs to be and wont back down in an argument no matter who it is.  But on the other hand she's emotionally fragile to something, that she tries to hide from people and at times succeeds too easily.

I found her refreshing but at times I just wanted to shake her and tell her to open her eyes and see how much Colton cares about her!!! Having said that, I understand why she finds it difficult to let any one in. She's afraid of being hurt and I guess that makes her human! It makes her real and someone who a lot of people can probably relate to. I know I certainly can.

I love how she came home and forgave her dying father after everything he'd done and stayed to run his coal mine!! I love how she's not afraid to eat especially comfort food. But what I love most about her is that after her loss she's still able to reach out to Heidi Jo and love her unconditionally!!

Colton Weston is a full-on possessive alpha male who at times belongs in cave man times with his "she's my woman dont look/touch/breathe near her" type attitude.  But he's also terribly sweet would has and would again do anything to protect Carly regardless of how it affects him.

His secrets and cover-ups have cost him having Carly Jo in his life and that's something he constantly feels remorseful about. Its something he wants to fix and be able to move forward not only with his life but with Carly to.  He admits to her that he never stopped loving her in all the time they were apart!!  

 And did I mention that he's sexy and covered in tattoos?? and that the love scenes between them two are HOT and STEAMY???

He's also a wonderful loving and caring father to his 6 year old daughter Heidi Jo.  She's his reason for living, which is just heart melting!!

I have to mention Heidi Jo in this review because she is just this beautiful precious little girl who is absolutely gorgous and comes up with some amazing lines which leave you in stitches.  She's sassy, full of energy and loves pink!!!

The one person that could ruin this happy ever is Luke!!!

He has his own tragic story to tell and you have to feel for him when its finally revealed. You also have to give him kuddos for coming back to town to look after his alcoholic father. Carly considers him her best friend, someone she can talk to, but one night of rage and way to much Jacks changes that forever!!!!

Over all it was an awesome read and I so cant wait for the next book to see how 

Carly and Colton and Luke's story pans out!!!  I predict loads more revealing secrets and drama with a dash of twists and turns for good measure!!!

All i have left to say is

***** out of 5 Stars for an awesome emotionally charged read!


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