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The Spirit of the Wolf
by Karen Kay
Publication Date: 
July 22, 2014 
Genres: HistoricalRomance 
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The end of a curse hides behind a riddle—and the final clue in the heart of a woman.
The Lost Clan, Book 2
Grey Coyote stands on the knife edge of desperation. An ancient curse dooms his people to a half-life in the mists, neither living nor dead—unless he can solve a deceptively simple riddle. As time runs short, he’s sure the answer lies in beating a white trapper in a game of chance.
Among the trapper’s possessions, though, is a prize he never expected. A golden-haired woman as beautiful, delicate and stubborn as a prairie rose.
One moment Marietta Welsford is wondering how long it will take her hired guide to finish his game so she can hurry home to Rosemead, the English estate to which she hopes to lay claim. The next, she is abandoned with a man whose magnetism tugs at her body and soul, and makes her heart out-thunder the storm.
With so little time to lift the enchantment, Grey Coyote at first views Marietta as a trickster-sent distraction. But as sure as the star that guides him, it soon becomes clear she is the clue that could ultimately free his people…and capture his heart.

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Don't do it, he told himself. Don't indulge. She does not understand what she does, perhaps not even its effect on a man.

 But her lips were so close, her scent was so intriguing, and he had only to reach out a little, turn his head just so.
 No, he mustn't do it. He mustn't.

 Yet, he wondered if he would be quite male if he did not. Slowly, he turned his head.

 And as his lips came in contact with hers, he thought his body might burst apart from all the energy that flooded through him. Suddenly a simple touching of lips to lips was not enough. His hands came up to frame her face, and his mouth slanted hungrily over hers, tasting, licking, kissing, not once, not twice, but over and over again.

 He felt her cheeks, running his fingers gently down to her neck, over her shoulders. Her skin was an added inducement, he thought, for it was soft as a doe's, and all at once he yearned to feel every part of her.

 But it was too much for him. He felt too much, he desired too much, and the craving tore at him.

 Barely able to contain this woman's effect on him, he broke off the kiss. He knew he must put a stop to this immediately, or he would have to take back everything they had thus far discussed.

 Unable to set her away from him completely, he pulled her into his embrace and hugged her, much as he had been dreaming of hugging her all evening. Her head fitted perfectly into the crook of his neck, he noted, as though she were made exactly for him.

 And he couldn't help but whisper in her ear, "Perhaps now it not the time to tell you that I desire you, and have done so from the moment I first saw you. It is this that I fight."

 "Yes," she said as softly as he. "Perhaps now is not the time."

 He set her away from him, running his fingers down the smoothness of her cheek to her neck, on down toward her chest. He said, "But we should not do anything further. You know this. I know this.

We must not. You do agree?"

 Again, she nodded. "I know. And yes, I agree. After all, our time together will be short."
 However, no sooner had the words been spoken than they rushed into one another's arms...


About the Author
Author of seventeen American Indian Historical Romances, Karen Kay aka Gen Bailey, has been praised by reviewers and fans alike for bringing the Wild West alive for her readers.
Karen Kay, whose great grandmother was a Choctaw Indian, is honored to be able to write about something so dear to her heart, the American Indian culture.
“With the power of romance, I hope to bring about an awareness of the American Indian’s concept of honor, and what it meant to live as free men and free women. There are some things that should never be forgotten.”
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