Saturday, July 26, 2014


Ransom - Denise Mathew
(Holding Ransom #1)


Please note this is the first book in the New Adult Series called Holding Ransom.*

One bad decision...a tragedy that can never be undone...and upon the ruins of devastation love grows...

No one knows as well as Lexie Adams how your whole world can change in a fraction of a second, she's lived with that reality ever since a horrible event stole her future. But worse than what happened after, is living with the concept that she's to blame for it all.

From as far back as Ransom Sanders can remember, his days have been an endless string of venues, hotel rooms, cheap diner food, and nothing to call his own. He knows he's good for two things, pleasing everyone but himself and taking care of his younger brother Gabriel, a celebrity faith healer and medium.

When fate pushes Lexie and Ransom's paths together they develop a relationship based on mutual necessity, where they use each other to get what they need.
Yet what begins as a Pandora's box of secrets and ulterior motives, soon becomes something so much more than either Ransom or Lexie thought they could have. A chance for something that is uniquely their own, a safe place to fall where their broken spirits can be healed, and where love isn't just a word it's a reality.
"Adult Content suggested 18+



Warning: This is book 1 in the Holding Ransom series and doesn't have a HEA. If cliffhangers as such aren't your thing, then this book isn't for you!!

One single decision can change your life.... and in essence that is what this book is about.

To be honest I stop and started this book three times before I could read it to the end. Not because it was a bad story, rather my mindset wasn't in the right place at the time to read it. I literally would start and then stop, leave it for a bit, then start again.  But it was certainly worth it in the end and I'm proud that I persevered with it for so long.

Lexie and Ransom each have their own heartbreaking stories and each day that dawns they fight their own personal demons.

But circumstances or maybe even fate brings them together... and changes their lives forever

I felt the connection between these two through the words and it's one hell of a connection!!! The sparks that fly between them, you know its only going to end one way - combustion!!

It was beautiful watching these two troubled people fall in love .... the question is will they finally get the HEA they so rightly deserve??

Cant wait to get book 2 to find out :)

**** out of 5 stars

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