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Review - Strike by Jennifer Ryder


Fast. That’s how I like life, especially my two great joys: bikes and women. I’m committed to exclusively riding one, but not the other. Until April.

A sexy-arse freelance photographer who’s travelled the world, and doesn’t do long walks on the beach or romantic candlelit dinners. She enjoys running with the bulls and food spicy enough to make your hair fall out. If that weren’t enough to get me hard, she rides a mean mother of a motorcycle.

I’ve gotta have a taste of this wildcat.

~Spencer (Jones)

I don’t do fast. Not anymore. I’ve got my career, my independence, and since I fled Spain to come back home I promised myself that I wouldn’t be put second—or third, for that matter—again.

Then I meet pretty boy Spencer.

He’s smooth, oozing the most potent pheromones probably known to modern science, and he’s making a move on me. One kiss was almost enough for my promise to dissolve.

My head says no—my treacherous body screams yes. I’m gonna make Spencer work for it. Make him fight for the chance to have me, because I know that deep down I’m worth it.

~April MacIntyre

*Strike is book three in the Spark series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but continues on with characters from Spark and Spike.

*Recommended for 18+ as it contains very steamy sex with motocross boys *sigh*.
I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this book and all I can say is that Jennifer Ryder didn't disappoint one bit!!
Flicking to the first chapter was exciting yet at the same time bittersweet.  I say bittersweet in the sense that once I started reading this, the third installment in the Spark series, I knew there would only be glimpses into the lives of Aidan and Evie and this prospect made me slightly sad.  It took me a few moments longer to wrap my head around the fact that once I ventured into Spike, the focus would shift and be centered solely on Spencer Jones, a supporting character we met very briefly in Strike.
The melancholy quickly disappeared and the excitement set in. I wanted to discover if Spencer Jones really was this overbearing, egotistical womanizer we'd met in Strike or if there was more to him. The good news is that I wasn't disappointed.  It would seem there are many, many layers to him and all it took was a very special woman to uncover them!!!!  Who would've thought!!!

If you haven't met Spencer, let me introduce you to him. He goes by the name of Jones and is Aidan Stone's team mate.  He loves bikes and woman and isn't known to stay with the same woman for long, if ever!!! Then one night that all changes - he meets April.

To say that April is unlike any woman he's ever met is an understatement. She isn't the type of girl Spencer Jones normally hooks up with.  She's smart, tough and determined and she's far from easy.  She's into adrenalin rushes, spicy food and even rides a bike. But underneath the tough exterior is a fragile heart who has been hurt on numerous occasions.
Spencer has finally met his match. Together they unravel each other on an amazing journey of self discovery hoping for an elusive happily ever after.
The question is can Spencer commit to April and prove that a leopard can really change their spots? Will April be the one to tame wild womanizing Jones once and for all? To have these and many more questions answered you'll have to get a copy :D

This book covered all the bases an awesome book should!! 
It made me laugh. 
It made me cry. 
It made me smile big.
It made me cringe at the sheer blatant audacity of some women. 
It left me with the sudden urge to want to slap the silliness out of a few people on a few occasions.
It left me blushing on more then one occasion due to the electricity Spencer and April radiated between them.
It made me realize that we should never judge a cover or a person for that matter based on their actions and past if we don't know the whole story.
It left me connected on so many levels with both the main characters, almost to the point that I could see myself clearly in both of them, almost like parts of my story were written on the pages in front of me.

But above all else it left me with the ability to let Spencer and April have a little bit of the love I've reserved for Aidan and Evie.

Ty Jennifer for another awe-inspiring book!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!

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