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“Oh, for the love of ... please, suck it!” He had tried to hold out but he needed her. He needed her hot, wet mouth surrounding him, drawing him into her delectable body. He needed it so fucking badly. He felt his balls tighten as her mouth slid around him, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked and fisted him and caressed him with her tongue. “So fucking good.”

He ran his hands over her head, tightening his fingers in her hair. He assisted her movements, pulling her up and pushing her down. Her moans vibrated around his cock, he could tell she loved taking him as much as he loved her doing it.

Over and over again she took, all the way to the back of her throat, fucking him hungrily with her mouth. She loved the control, the sound of his moans, the power she held, the way his fingers curled in her hair and the way his hips shifted ever so slightly when he was overcome with pleasure. Pleasure she was giving him. And when his control slipped and he began to move more, when he started to forcefully pound into her mouth, she loved that too. The dirty feeling it elicited to be taken by him, to have her hair pulled as he fucked her in that way, was strangely empowering. She had no problem with him using her body for his pleasure. She fucking loved it.

Her beautiful jade eyes focused on his and he almost came undone.

“Stop!” He pulled her head up by tugging on her hair. He was breathing heavy, fighting for control. He squeezed his eyes shut then reopened them to focus on the woman kneeling before him. She licked her lips and smiled. And he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found her. He needed her then, more than he had ever before. “Turn around.”

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