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Rebel Wayfarers MC by MariaLisa de Mora

Book #1 Mica
Mica (Rebel Wayfarers MC, #1)
Mica Scott was raised on a ranch in Northeast Texas. Life was hard, but not impossible...until she met her own personal nightmare one night at a rodeo. She escaped his abuse by putting things behind her, isolating herself with a move to Chicago for college and work.

Davis Mason is the hard-living president of the Rebel Wayfarers, a motorcycle club operating out of Chicago. With just one encounter, he becomes determined to keep Mica safe...whether she wants him to or not. He will use every possible means in his control to manage Mica, while holding himself aloof from taking the one thing he really wants...her.

Daniel Rupert is a successful businessman. He owns a trucking company and a hockey team, for which he is the star forward. Meeting Mica and Mason when he helped foil an attempt on her life, he began working jointly with Mason to keep her safe. But unlike Mason, Daniel is not satisfied with a platonic relationship. He insinuates himself into Mica's life, and he only wants...everything.

Events escalate and Mica's very life hangs in the balance as old threats resurface and the men in her life scramble to keep her alive.
18 and older due to explicit content.
Book #2 Slate
Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, #2)
Andrew Jones grew up in a small town in Wyoming, and as a teen watched his family implode following his father’s death. Driven by a need to provide for his little brother and remaining family, he begins looking for work, restlessly traveling from job to job on his Indian motorcycle, looking for something he cannot define.

Meeting Davis Mason, President of the Rebel Wayfarers MC in Chicago, is a central point in his life. Andy earns the name Slate, and over the following years gradually assumes the persona as first a prospect into Mason’s MC, then full patch member. He has finally found the brotherhood he longed for, the sense of connection and belonging…a family and a home.

The only thing missing from Slate’s life is a woman who can love him…all of him. He finds his match in a daughter of the MC, and his dreams become filled with her silent smiles, unruly red hair, and soft curves. She’s wary and afraid, having been hurt in the past, but Slate works to gain her trust, slowly building something between them.

Just as their relationship begins to grow, ghosts from their previous lives threaten to ruin everything. His brother comes to town, bringing his band and his own brand of troubles. Slate watches helplessly as events conspire to put the woman he loves in grave danger.

Can he save his woman from the dangers brought to her doorstep by the past, or will she and their love be a casualty of conflict within the club.
Book #3 Bear
Bear (Rebel Wayfarers MC, #3)
Rob Crew had purpose in his life. He was a devoted husband, doting father, and committed Navy man…then his life changed forever. Cast adrift, he finds friendships in the Rebel Wayfarers Motorcycle Club and fulfillment as he transitions into the role of loyal and supportive club member. He becomes Bear, a man who fills an important position in this brotherhood of bikers.

A caregiver by nature, Eddie’s chosen career focuses on helping the most vulnerable – teaching special needs children and young adults. Surrounded by loving family and friends, she is content with what she considers her full and satisfying life…until she meets Bear, an enforcer for the local MC. Even through their initial encounter is brief, she can’t make herself forget the pain in his eyes as he turned away from her.

Their lives intersect at surprising intervals, with each contact underscoring the attraction and connection they share. Can Eddie convince Bear that it is okay to move past his pain and love again?

Book #4 Jase
Jase (Rebel Wayfarers MC, #4)
Meet Jase Spencer.

He’s just your everyday kinda guy, a hard-partying, hard-living professional hockey player. Nothin’ special.

Good-looking and ripped, the man has moves, on and off the ice. But, he’s also jaded and alone, and tired of living out of suitcases.

For as long as he can remember, hockey has ruled his life. He’s chased pucks across more than a dozen countries, and had his pick of women in any town he visits.

Then he met HER. And now, he’s about to turn his life upside down because of HER. Because he can’t get the one night of passion he shared with a smokin’ hot biker babe out of his head. Unfortunately, DeeDee wasn’t interested in anything long term, and she’s gone before he’s ready.

Life becomes complicated and difficult when Jase is traded to another team, and as he tries to settle in his new hometown, everything seems to conspire against him, determined to go wrong.

Dancing around their mutual attraction, one day he and DeeDee find themselves face-to-face and body-to-body, but will they be able to set aside their past pain and focus on the future they could make together? Can he make her reconsider her relationship fears and trust him?

Jase is on a mission to show her what they have together is worth fighting for, to convince her to take a chance on him. His attempts will bring him squarely into the path of a motorcycle club, earning him the attention of Mason, president of the Rebel Wayfarers MC.

Jase says, “Bring it on.”

You miss 100% of the shots you never take. – Wayne Gretzky

Book #5 Gunny
Gunny (Rebel Wayfarers MC, #5)
Shattered following a devastating betrayal that results in the death of his friends, Lane Robinson finds himself in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a world away from his previous life as a Marine. Robinson is trying to forget the past, but healing from the deadly deceit that cut blood deep is hard, and memories of that treachery taint every interaction in his life. He misses the comradery and bond he had with his brothers in arms, and now can’t help but view everyone around him with mistrust and suspicion.

Robinson meets a member of the Rebel Wayfarers motorcycle club, and with an introduction into the biker’s circle of friends, he finds that elusive sense of home that has been missing from his life for too long. Initiated into the club and now called Gunny, Robinson buries himself in his new life as a Rebel member.

Secure within his newfound family, Gunny fills his days with solitary work and finds he possesses a gift for motorcycle restoration, forming a career out of this exacting passion. Trying to leave behind the man he was before the club, unfortunately his feelings of cynicism aren’t so easy to set aside. Even within the club, surrounded by members he readily calls brother, he grants his trust to only a few. One of those is Davis Mason, national president, and a man he is proud to call friend.

Into this meticulously constructed life dances Sharon Elkins, the one woman who seems to possess the ability to tear down the walls he has spent so long building. She is the first person who sees beyond his surface fa├žade, the first he’s let get close in so long…can he trust the emotions she stirs in his soul?

As she becomes an ever more important part of his world, darkness from their former lives collides in a dangerous cascade of conspiracy and schemes. Can he protect the woman he has come to love, and will they be able to fight their way clear of the chaos that threatens to entrap them?

“These towering walls you have built to protect your heart
do nothing more than imprison your spirit.” – Dean Jackson

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Character interviews | Reel Lady’s Love Smut
* Mason, What’s it like being the President of the Rebel Wayfarers MC?

In a word? Honor. It’s a fuckin’ honor being the national president of this club. My brothers have trusted me with this for a lot of years, since I founded the club back in aught-aught. I can see by the look on your face that ain’t what you’re after. Damn, I wish citizens would just speak plain. So like, what? What do you want to know? My day to day shit? There’s a nod. Alrighty.

I get up, put my pants on the same fucking way you do, and take care of business. Make sure my brothers are settled and taken care of in ways that mean they don’t gotta worry about their family. It’s bearing responsibility for hundreds of men. Men who each depend on me, and the club, for their safety and livelihood.

It’s balancing on a fucking knife’s edge to make sure I don’t pitch us in a direction we don’t want to go, every single time I open my fucking mouth. Calculating risks with every run, every prospect added to the roster because when it boils down to the base level, it all comes back to me, and that ain’t arrogance, just bald truth.

It’s running danger assessments in my head every time I walk into a bar, clubhouse, home, trying to pick out the enemies from friends. It’s also about understanding profitability statements, because my number one fucking goal is to have every goddamned member be able to live the way they want, without want.

Honor, honest work, politics, it’s all about defending the life and lifestyle we choose to live. Rebel Wayfarers forever, forever Rebels. That enough words for ya?

* Slate, How does it feel to be Mason’s lieutenant?
To know my brother, my friend trusts me with a role in his club? That he gives me a voice to help guide the club in a direction we can all get behind? Fucking amazing, man. That’s how it feels. We all do our part, do what’s asked of us, but when he handed me this patch, the one sewn here on my vest? Ten-feet tall.

* Mason, What was it about Mica that earned her the princess status within the club?
I’m guessin’ you’re still looking for honest answers, so I ain’t gonna blow smoke up your ass about this. I’m the national president of a one-percent motorcycle club. That means I have shit swirling around me all the fucking time. Mica moved in next door to me and I got a good look at that woman…fuck, man, you seen her? I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away. Wouldn’t be able to keep my distance, which meant I needed to make sure none of my shit blew back on her. Needed to protect her, from me. Princess is a title same as President, you utter that word around any club’s members and they get it. The woman who bears that designation is protected in ways that mean you don’t have to surround her with bodies. Off fucking limits, that’s what it means. So, she earned that shit by being who she is, and she needed that shit because she had the bad fuckin’ luck to move in

* Slate, What was the first thought that popped into your head when you first saw Essa?
The first time? That was in Mica’s house and all I was thinking was wondering if her being there meant shit for our Princess. Needed to get the situation under lockdown until I figured out what was going on. The first time I saw her in her panties? Fuck me. I was a goner. Age didn’t matter much after that, until I realized Prez was gonna crawl up my ass and take up residence there if I fucked up. Either way, I guess I thought ‘trouble’ when I

* Mason, Slate, Woman on top or bottom? Sex in Bed or on your motorcycle?
Mason: I like a woman under me. Call me a control freak, but I need to know where her fucking hands are and shit. Fucking on a bike ain’t sexy—

Slate: Fuck yeah it’s sexy, Prez! Sexy as hell.

Mason: No it fuckin’ ain’t. Skin sticks to the tank or the leather of the seat, can’t move the woman like I want to.

Now bending her over and fucking—

Slate: That friction gives it a … uh … and an … oh. Fucking sexy to wrap a bitch around my front. If she has a skirt on? Push it up her hips and then rip those panties off—

Mason: No it fuckin’ ain’t. Over the seat is one thing, but astraddle the fucking bike? You’re dicked in the head,

Slate: I’m with Prez on one thing, in the bed I’m gonna cover the woman, hold her down, let her take

* Mica, How does it feel to live next to the President of a MC?
When I bought the house, I didn’t understand what the previous owner meant when she said I’d have to get used to the eye candy. Then I saw the men in Mason’s club. Well, let’s just say I’m not sure there’s an ugly one in the bunch. Of course she also said I would need to invest in a good security system, and I’m not sure why.

Mason and the Rebels make me feel totally safe. It might have taken me a while to warm up to all of them, but that’s more my problem than anything to do with them, really. I like the busyness of the location, too. There are always bikes and trucks coming in and out, and if I need help with anything, one of the guys is right there, ready to assist. Sometimes they can be a little suffocating, but that’s just because we’re all such good friends.

* Essa, What was it that attracted you to Slate the minute you first saw him?
I wasn’t attracted to him! I thought he was the most arrogant and annoying man I’d ever met, sitting in my truck bold as brass and basically telling me he was in charge. Pffftt. It wasn’t until later that I saw how cute he was.

Then, once he started looking at me like he did? All dark and smoldering, hot and bothered? How could I not be attracted to that hunka hunka? Then, after he cooled his jets, it was just a lot of fun to jerk his chain every

* Mica, Which MC member would you like to see end up in a serious relationship?
Tug, definitely Tug is someone I’d like to see settle down. I love that man and hate seeing him alone. When we’re at the bar, or at parties over at Mason’s house, Tugboat is the one man who is always alone, and that makes me sad for him. He’s handsome, loyal, selfless, articulate, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. I think he just has to find the right woman to appreciate all that, and the package it comes wrapped up in. I get the feeling there is sadness in his past, and I’d like to see him get some light shining down on him.

* Mica,Essa, Now that y’all are reunited, what does the future hold for the two of you?
Mica: I don’t know, honestly. I enjoyed seeing Essa compete, being around the rodeo brought back good memories for the most part. I’d like to see her and my little sister Molly do well on the circuit, but there’s not a lot of opportunity in the Midwest where I’ve based my business.

Essa: Ditto on the good memories. I hope we stay in close touch going forward.

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