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Cash is determined to fight his newfound attraction to
Clair. She’s a good girl, sweet, gentle and kind. Not qualities he’s usually

interested in. But things have changed. She’s changed. And now that Clair is in

danger he’s finding it harder to keep himself under control.

Clair is sick of being the sweet girl nobody notices.

Its time to be the girl she always wanted to be. But in the process she’s

caught the attention of someone else, someone dangerous, someone who now wants

to hurt her.

Can Cash protect her from this new threat? And keep it

in his hands off her, even though there’s no denying the attracting between


Mummy to three crazy cute lil minions.

Wife to a sexy tree lopper.

Little sister to a Nutbag, a Fireman and a Linesman.

Owner of a Big Ass Great Dane and a Slightly Psychotic Cat.

Writer of what I like to think are

Fan-Freaking-Tastic books.

I discovered books can help you heal, give you

motivation to go after what you really want in life and sooth the soul.

I had a strong

desire to write a book of my own for quite sometime. So one day, I decided to

do it. Simple as that. I had stories running around in my head and it was time

to set them free. 

I hope you will follow my journey as I discover myself as an author.    

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