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Her Cowboy Casanova

Virginia Bred: Book One

 Kate McGuinness

  Dylan Jacobson has had every girl he has ever wanted for as long as he can remember. Growing up in the small town of Peppersville, VA, and the only child of one of the most influential families in the area, he is a star to everyone he knows. Now that he is building the life that he has always wanted, surrounded by family and friends, he realizes only one thing is missing. 

    That is until Lorrie Cambridge drives into town. After the recent death of her mother due to cancer, she decides to find out who she is without her loved ones by her side. With her car packed and a map at hand, she sets her sights on her ultimate goal, a new life for herself in a new home. Only her plans don't include a man and all the temptations they provide, even if they are sexy and irresistible. Will the change of scenery and a new start at life be enough to open her heart to the possibilities? Or will Mother Nature intervene and steal their only hope of true happiness?


Where do I start with this review? Well let me start with, it was an absolutely beautiful story from start to finish.  

This is the first book in the Virginia Bred Series and even though I've just finished book 1 I'm already excited for the next one, if Book 1 is anything to go on.

Back to Book 1.
The book centers around Lorrie Cambridge, who after the death of her mother, packs up her car and armed with a map she starts driving in search of new life for herself and a new home.  She arrives in the small town of Pepperville, VA and immediately catches the eye of the town casanova Dylan Jacobson.

Dylan Jacobson is the only child of one of the most influential families in the area, he's used to having all the girls he wants.  He's a star to everyone in town and he realizes that only one thing is missing from the life he's slowly building - the right woman.

Fate and circumstances bring them together, knowing better what each of them need better then themselves.  They're a perfect match for one another and Lorrie is the only woman that's ever put Dylan Jacobson in his place.

The book is primarily a love story with all the necessary ingredients.  

A super hot sexy cowboy (every girl needs a Dylan) whose dominant yet sweet, loving and respectful. Not to mention romantic and a good kisser :D and who will gladly save you from a burning building!!


A female character who's strong and resourceful when she needs to be, who's compassionate, and caring with a little insecurity added in for good measure.  Who's wants are simple and the smallest things make her happy.


Sexual tension and steamy sex scenes which are clean compared to many books but enough to get you fanning yourself.


Supporting characters that just add to the overall story line.  You'll love Mrs Jacobson, she's the best mom ever.

 Add drama, laughter and more then a few tears and you have the recipe for an absolutely awesome book.

I'm not going to say anything more, because I want you to discover this beautiful story for yourself.

Looking forward to book 2 already!!

***** out of 5 stars


Kate McGuinness is a crazy klutz who lives with her character of a husband, who is always pulling her leg, and two fearless children, who strive to crack her sanity each day. She has always lived in the same town, but dreams of picking up and starting a new adventure somewhere different. While she waits for the pieces to fall into place, she lets her mind take her to places with her characters by her side. At the moment she has too many of them fighting to be heard, and cannot wait to begin each new journey of exploration. Some are tame while others have her worried she will be stepping into a world she never dreamed of entering. As always she is grateful and forever in your debt for your love and support during this exciting time in her life.

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