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With her best friend
happily married and now pregnant, Sam Matthews should be overjoyed. Instead, she

can only see what is missing in her life. Pushing her emotions aside, she retreats to a

piece of her past that she’s kept hidden, something that even her best friend knows

nothing about.

Taking a step into her
future, Sam moves to North Carolina where she once again encounters Mark Robertson.

He is persistent and hard to resist, and little by little, he uses his charms to break

through Sam’s walls.

As Sam starts to open
her heart to Mark, she convinces herself that the past should stay in the past. But when

her past creeps into the present, her secrets could cost her every hope and happiness in

her future.

Promise Me is the third book in the Trust Series.​



I received a couple of catcalls as my body moved to the music. I knew the best thing was to always ignore them as I let the music take me over. My hips swayed, and my hands went up in the air. The third song started playing, and a light gleam of sweat coated my skin. Some unwanted bodies had tried to get close to me, but I knew how to keep my distance from strangers without losing my rhythm. It was freeing. I was lost in the beat when familiar hands came around my front. I knew it was Mark.

His mouth came to my ear. “Hey. Wanna dance?”

Mark pulled me to him. Our bodies joined, and we began moving together. His head came down and kissed the exposed part of my neck, and I tilted to the side to give him full access. The crowd had thickened and was pressing in on us. The pulse of the music drove us. We moved until we were both a hot mess, and neither one of us had said a word through multiple songs of the most hip-grinding, dirty dancing I had ever done.

After nibbling on my earlobe, Mark said, “Let’s say bye to the boys, and then I’m taking you home. I think all these assholes got the picture of whose bed you belong in.”

Turning to face him, I kissed him hard as his hands stroked my back. His leg went between my legs, and we started moving again. Our hot tongues danced with each as our bodies moved as one. We were both sweaty and hot. We were about to be a sexual explosion out here if we didn’t leave soon.

Pulling back barely, our lips still touching, I responded, “Now, all the girls who were hanging around, hoping for a shot with you, know who you’re taking to bed tonight.”

He grabbed my ass, bringing me closer to him, and it only increased my sexual need for him.

Mark bit my lip and then said, “I like you a little jealous. Let’s go before I lose my remaining bit of self-control.”

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