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Gabby survives her ex-boyfriend’s brutal attack, only to be ripped away from her life by a complete stranger. She is thrown into the world of Immortals, where every nightmare out there exists and walks free. She can’t deny her attraction to this stranger, Neeko, but he must earn her trust before she will ever let him into her heart. Can she learn to love again? Will love be enough, or will everything come crashing down? 

Neeko sees Gabby and immediately knows she is someone special. He makes a rash decision to kidnap her, because he can’t stop thinking about her. Now he must somehow prove to her that she is his mate and his soul’s other  half. How can he have a human for a mate? Can he keep her safe from Demons? Or is he her biggest threat?
When the missing pieces fall into place to reveal all their secrets, will they stand together or apart?

Mature 18+ only due to sex and torture.

After a few hours of playing in the pool, I notice that nobody has shown up. “Hey, Neeko. Why isn’t there a lot of people on the ship?”

“There are a few, but I bought out the rest of the ship so I can keep you safe.”

“Over-bearing?” I laugh. “That’s kind of a creepy way.” I slap him on the arm.

“You could have told me.”

“Ow, that hurt.” He pokes his bottom lip out.

“Yeah, right, Prince Charming.”

“You can call me that, as long as I am your Prince Charming.” He picks up my hand and

places a kiss on top of it.

“When did you get all mushy on me?” I say, jokingly.

“Since your love melted my hard exterior.” He flutters his eyelashes.

“You’re crazy and cocky, but I wouldn’t have you any other way.” I lean in for a kiss.

“I love you, too, Gabby.” I snuggle up to him.

“I’m getting tired. Let’s go back to the room and get dressed so I can take you to eat...or

maybe I’ll just eat you.”

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Tiffany Flowers is a pen name she writes under. Missing Pieces is her first shot at this author thing. She lives in a small town in Alabama with her husband, three kids ,and her dog, Bella. She enjoys reading all types of books but Paranormal Romance is her favorite.


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