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 My Destiny - J.L. Perry


Brooke gave up her dreams, relocating to another state with her husband Jake so he could pursue his, but when he commits the ultimate betrayal against her, she’s lucky to escape with her life.

After moving back to her hometown, she runs into Logan, the man who helped her all those months ago. From the moment they first met, Brooke felt that they had a connection, and now she finds it stronger than ever.

There is one thing stopping her from acting on her feelings towards him though...her past.


Logan knew from the moment he saw Brooke that she was the one he’d been searching for his whole life. Can he convince Brooke to let go of her insecurities so they can be together?

What will happen when Brooke’s past comes back to haunt her? Will Logan still be around to help her, or will she be left to face it all, on her own?

Join Brooke and Logan as they share their story in My Destiny, the first of a two part instalment in the Destiny series. This story is told in dual POV.

This is unedited and subject to change. It is recommended for 18+ due to sexual content and coarse language.

Both books will be published in June 2014

This is J.L Perry's debut novel and what a debut it was!!! It's one of those feel good books that leave us smiling long after you've finished reading!!

The story centers around Brook, whom has left her hometown and dreams to relocate to another state so that her husband Jake can pursue his.  But instead of having their happily ever after like she'd dreamed, he betrays her in the worst possible way.

Brook and Logan meet briefly at a Christmas party, a meeting which changes both their lives, even if at the time they don't realize that.

Fast forward 8 months and Brook is back in her home state, trying to pursue her dreams and getting her life back on track. During one of her everyday runs she bumps into Logan again and they agree to dinner. Brook feels that she owes Logan that and she figures that once dinner is done and dusted all debts will have been paid. But it doesnt quite work out that way.

When Brook's past comes back to haunt her Logan is there from the beginning, doing his best to protect her, but can he convince her that he's nothing like her ex-husband? That he truely cares about her and would do anything in the world for her and that she can trust him? Only way to find out is to read the book, you wont be disappointed!!

I absolutely loved this book, it covered all the bases for me. It has drama, intrigue, twists and , and secrets that will leave you gasping. It has tears and laughter, "so want to kick their butts" moments and a very sexy knight in shinning armour, which is actually a suit :D!! There's lots of love and some very steamy scenes which will leave you a little hot under the collar!!

Logan is very different from other male characters - in the sense that he didnt dismiss his attraction and meeting with Brook the first time round as a no go zone and go back to how his life was. His meeting with Brook stays with him and there isnt a day that he hasn't thought of her. It was almost like she was it for him, which just made you melt inside.
He truely is one of those knights in shining armour, like the ones that featured  in my favourite disney movies as a little girl. The type that will love, cherish and keep you safe no matter what.

Brook is so strong. She has had a tough childhood, she never knew her dad and had to watch her mother die young, leaving her all alone in the world. Despite all that, she's still loving and caring, compassionate and kind. She finds it hard to trust and who can blame her after what her ex did to her, but she tries to trust Logan as best she can.  But can she open her heart to Logan and find the happiness she deserves?

I cant' recommend this book enough and I can hardly wait to see where Brook and Logan's story goes in the next book.

***** out of 5 stars for being absolutely awesome!!!


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