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 A Famous Affair


 K B Mallion

 Release Date:
 December 19, 2014


Jessica Neel is a happily married, working mother who is content in life. When she literally bumps into the gorgeous, charismatic and very famous actor, Jonny Riley.

Her life is thrown into a passionate and problematic affair. Her life becomes embroiled in a secret entanglement of adultery, love, lies, guilt and tragedy. Will the love for her husband and daughters be enough to resist the charms of the captivating A-Lister... Jonny Riley? 


I know you're scared, Jessica. This is madness. If someone had told me I would be here in this room with you now when I woke up this morning, I wouldn't have believed them. Yet, here we are. I don't know what it all means, but I want you, Jessica." Jonny’s words grab at my emotions.

He nervously kisses my lips; soft and deliberately slow. My lips ache for more. Our kiss is sensual yet gentle. My body begins to relax into him, as his arms cradle me into his chest. He holds me firmly against his body, intoxicatingly close.
My need for him quickly becomes more desperate. Our lips press harder together as the kiss becomes deeper, more passionate...more heavenly. 
One of his hands snakes up my back; his other is lacing its fingers through my hair, doing teasing little pushes which bring our lips harder together in aroused eagerness. My hands pull on his ass to push his pelvis into my craving groin. The contracting ache between my legs is fiercely strong. The longing I now have for him is taking me over...completely and utterly taking me over.

Our tongues circle around each other’s, wanting to savour the taste of one another. My fingers run through his hair, playfully pulling on it as I thrust my brazen pelvis into his. My other hand feels its way over his exquisite, yet new and foreign anatomy. Even through his clothes I can feel his toned, muscular body. I begin to kiss his neck, my lips lightly brushing across his intoxicating skin.

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Author Bio

K B Mallion is a busy mum of six, wife of one and carer or Guinea Pigs and a dog.

She is a British author who lives in the South West of England. Her literary Journey began with the release of her debut novel, A Famous Affair, in December 2014. Hudson's Heart followed in February 2015, with many more stories needing to be written by her Mallion mind.

Away from her writing, K B loves to read, spend precious time with her family and a spot of karaoke!

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