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Welcome to the BLOG TOUR from SCOTT HILDRETH for his NEW book in the SELECTED SINNERS MC series!!!


Author: Scott Hildreth

Release Date:  July 13, 2015

Series: Selected Sinners MC

Cover Artist: Jessica Hildreth

If a girl wants a bad boy, they don’t come any tougher than Dalton “Biscuit” Biskette. Biscuit rides with the Selected Sinners MC, and takes no shit from any man - especially cops. He’s tall, covered in tattoos, muscular, has an awesome beard, a huge cock, and a tongue that can tickle my g-spot.

The only thing he likes to do more than ride and fuck is lick…

Considering my penchant for bad boys, he’s perfect in my eyes.

My police officer father disagrees…

And so does my former Marine ex-boyfriend who just got out of jail.


The license plate on my bike says it all – RFOF – Ride, Fuck, Or Fight.

I’ve never met a girl who made me stop and pay attention until I met Kat. There’s only one problem, her father’s a cop.

And I hate cops.

If he thinks he can stop me from fucking his daughter, he’s as wrong as the day is long.

HUNG is a stand-alone MC Romance with an HEA and is book IV in the Selected Sinners series. There is no cheating, nor is there sharing of partners, but the sex is detailed, graphically depicted, and frequent. No other book is required to tell this tale. PLEASE be over 18 to enjoy this book.


This my absolute favorite book of the year! I FLOVE Biscuit!!!!...The steamy scenes were off the charts. - Crazy Daisy Book Whore

This book has some epic sexual encounters between the two leads. They seem to be insatiable to each other. Crank up the air conditioner and get rid of distractions. Have cold water near-by . Biscuit brings it. Every. Time. - Obsessive Reading Disorder

I absolutely LOVED this book. As a huge fan of Scott's books, each one just gets better and better. I love how he weaves in important issues, while making the book so very hot. -Hot Books Hotter Book Boyfriends

SMOLDERING HEAT is what happens before the EXPLOSIONS!...and we're not talking fireworks either (unless the ones behind her eyelids count...hehehe). Mr. Hildreth has done it again and I can say one of the best yet - Moments in West Florida Book Blog

This is one of the sexiest books I've ever read - Wendy's Book Obsession

ON THE SEX? He went FULL THROTTLE. He pushed his on boundaries on how much and what type of sex scenes. AND. I. LOVE. IT. But, he doesn't skimp on compassion, and love. Biscuit, shows a lot of selflessness in this book. He gives of himself in his relationships to others - Rebel Reviewer 

From the Author 

Thank you for making HUNG a #1 best seller in less than 24 hours, and a #1 HOT NEW RELEASE in less than 24 hours.

This not the typical MC Romance book. It is extremely steamy, has no sharing of partners, and no sex outside the relationship (once relationship develops). It does, however, have very detailed sex scenes which are graphically depicted.

Prepare for an inferno. 


A HUNG discussion group was asked, “If you could ask Biscuit (Dalton) or Kat or both ONE QUESTION, what would it be?”

Then, Jen C, an admin from the group, came in with questions in hand to face the characters for the interview.

Thank you, Scott Hildreth, for letting her interview Dalton and Kat. They were fun, well except maybe Dalton, he was a bit intimidating. Thanks, Kat, for keeping him in check!

Jen C:  “Do you think you will ever get back in touch with your mom and sister again?”

Dalton: “Right now, my life’s in perfect order. I can’t see myself looking to a family that disowned me and my needs as a kid for somethin’ I didn’t need from them for the last seventeen years, no. My focus right now is my own family, Kat and our soon-to-be born baby.”

Dalton nods his head once toward Kat and grins.

Jen C:  “If you could change one thing about the other person what would it be and why????”

Kat raises her hand.

Jen C: “Go ahead, Kat.”

Kat: “Uhhm, no. I fell in love with Dalton because Dalton’s Dalton. For me to change even one simple thing about him would change who he is. Does that make sense?”

Jen C: “Yes.”

Kat: “Okay, well, that’s my answer. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jen turns toward Dalton.

Jen C: “And you?”

Dalton: “Same.”

Jen C: “We’d like to have an answer from you, Dalton.”

Dalton stands halfway from chair and narrows his gaze.

Dalton: “I thought I just fuckin’ gave it. If you want to ask questions and argue with me when I answer the motherfucker’s, maybe you and I …”

Kat raises hand and clears throat.

Dalton shifts eyes toward Kat, pauses and reluctantly sits.

Jen C: “Kat, did you let your brother know that he is going to be an uncle?”

Kat: “My brother was my best friend growing up. I’ve called him and told him, but I haven’t spoken to him in person. He’s almost as excited as we are about the baby. We haven’t told him the sex yet, but when he gets here we will. We’re both kind of excited too, because he bought a Softail Harley, and he wants to go riding. My dad’s not real happy about it, but he’s sure a lot more understanding than he used to be.”

Dalton chuckles out loud.

Jen C:  “As a father, what is one thing you plan to teach your child?”

Dalton: “I want to teach our child to be open-minded, understanding, and how to accept
love. I ain’t never been one to accept love from anyone. I think it’s ‘cause I never felt I got it as a kid. So, it just makes sense that if Kat and I can give this baby all the love in the world, it’ll grow up accepting and giving love in return. The world’s got enough fuckheads in it. I ain’t lookin’ to raise another.”

Kat nods her head toward Dalton.

Kat: “What he said.”

Jen clears throat.

Jen C: “You’ve got nothing to add on your own?”

Dalton glares at Jen, stands from chair and crosses arms in front of chest.

Kat: “Dalton…”

Dalton slowly sits down.

Kat: “Nope. That’s all.”

Kat: “Well, I guess kind of what Dalton said. I just don’t want her to be closed-minded. I want her to grow up giving all people a chance to come into her life. I don’t want her to hate or be prejudiced toward people because of who she believes they are. Once she learns who they really are, she can make a decision based on fact, and not a preconceived belief.”

Dalton: “Thought we wasn’t gonna tell the sex, Kat?”

Kat: “Oh shit. Can you like, uhhm, scratch the part about the sex?”

Jen C: “Nods head.”

Dalton: “I ain’t bullshittin’ on this. Don’t print that shit, understand?”

Jen nods head.

Jen C: “Kat, why when you found out you were pregnant did you go back to the abuser, Kyle? Isn't it a mother’s job to protect her child? Did you not want the best for your baby? Did you not think that Dalton would make a good father? Families are made up in many ways.”

Kat: “Legally, Kyle was the baby’s father. In my mind, the proper thing to do was to give him a chance to be the father of the child. Turn the tables. If you were a shitty person in the eyes of your friends, would it be fair for someone to take your chance to be a mother just because you were violent, or crappy acting? And for them to make that decision before the baby was born, and take that opportunity would be wrong. I gave Kyle a chance to be his child’s father. He fucked up. I did my part to include him, and now it really doesn’t matter, but I feel good about my decision.”

Jen C: “Biscuit, When Kat told you she was going back to the abuser, Kyle, why didn't you fight for her? Why didn't you try and protect her by not letting her go back? Did you not think that you could provide a good life for her and her baby? Did you not think you were more worthy then Kyle?”

Dalton: “Good question. Life’s about knowing how to provide respect. In the club, people make decisions all the time I may not agree with, but accepting them as

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