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 Ryan's Love - C.A Harms

Sawyer Brothers Book #1

C.A Harms has quickly become one of my favourite authors because I know that when I open one of her books, she'll grab me from the get go, dragging me through every emotion imaginable and just when I think I know where this storyline is heading, she'll throw in an unexpected curve ball. But I know that in the end it will all be worth it!!!

And C.A Harms has done exactly that in Ryan's Love!!!

Ryan's Love is the first book in the Sawyer Brothers Series. Ryan Sawyer to be exact.

Ryan is a widower, a single dad to his teenage daughter and a police officer.
After tragically losing his wife, he feels that he'll never be able to replace his dead wife, nor love again. Not to mention that no other woman would ever be able to fill the void missing in his daughters life.
But to be honest he's just been existing since his wife's death, stuck in the same rut everyday since he buried her, struggling to put his life back together. All that matters is Olivia, and for a long time its just been the two of them.

Amber Dirk has moved cross-country to Livingstone, Montana from Chicago to take over her grandmother's bakery, Heavenly Temptations which has been closed since her death. She's hoping that the move will give her a fresh start after finding out that her fiance of four years had cheated on her. Along for the trip is her best friend, Bailey.

Amber meets the whole Sawyer Clan and find herself very attracted to Ryan from the get-go. Ryan feels the same way about Amber and he finds himself making quite a few trips to Heavenly Temptation as an excuse to see Amber.

Ryan see's Amber as his second chance at love and happiness, there's just one problem. Ryan's teenage daughter, Olivia.

Will Ryan and Amber get their happily ever after? Will Olivia finally accept Amber? To find out you'll have to pick up a copy and find out.

This book is beautiful.
It's a story about loss and finding love again. About family and friendship, bonds that you know can't be broken, only strengthened.
About sacrificing your own happiness for someone else.
Knowing that moving on with your life after losing someone doesn't mean you're giving up on them.

Everyone deserves a second chance!!!

I so can't wait for the next book - Jackson and Bailey's story. I know its going to be epic. 

**** awesomely sweet stars

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